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PRE ORDER - AZEEMA Issue 3 (Limited Edition Cover)

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Image of PRE ORDER - AZEEMA Issue 3 (Limited Edition Cover)


The Haraka (Movement) issue is 170 pages of powerful, beautiful and brave features exploring both tangible and intangible types of movement. Those that allow us to grow, those that spark evolutions, those that teach us self-love and those that make us free.

This issue features Palestines’ DJ Sama, activist and artist YASSA, courageous photographer Thana, multitalented QTIPOC curators BBZ, fierce campaigner and basketball queen Asma Elbadawi. It touches on issues of migration, mental health, memory, heritage, otherness and queerness within Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian women and Women of Colour.

This magazine is made especially for women with the courage to be true to themselves. The aim is to empower, not to offend.


*Please note that this is a PRE ORDER for the limited edition issue. Orders will be sent out to arrive shortly after the official launch on November 2nd 2018!*